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    For almost thirty years we studied the wellbeing of people working in helping and healing professions: clergy, international aid workers, teachers, global health workers, and US-based social service professionals and physicians.

    We have learned a lot! Now, we are focusing our efforts on turning our research + the growing body of research on wellbeing into tools and resources that will be useful to real people in the real world! There are a lot of exciting things going on.

    Research Projects

    Called To Flourish

    Is "finding your calling" a myth? What if religion could bridge the gap between work and purpose?…
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    Flourishing in Ministry

    Focused on the wellbeing of clergy and their families, Flourishing in Ministry examines what motivates pastors and…
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    Improve Your Wellbeing

    Our WorkWell app was developed by Dr. Matt Bloom and the WorkWell team and is focused on…
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    Women in Ministry

    This special website and blog provides insights into our ongoing research on the experiences of female clergy.…
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    Wellbeing and Leadership

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    On the frontlines of workplace research.

    meet matt

    Matt lead the Wellbeing At Work research team that explored the exciting and
    groundbreaking topic of what makes work engaging and impactful.

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