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    About WorkWell App

    Our WorkWell app was developed by Dr. Matt Bloom and the WorkWell team and is focused on enabling users to discover and engage with daily practices to boost their wellbeing and measure their progress. Within the WorkWell app, we provide users with a personalized wellbeing profile and science-based wellbeing practices from our team, inspiring ministry leaders, and social science experts.

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    It's Easy to Get Started


    Know where you stand by taking our wellbeing assessment, creating your own personal wellbeing profile.


    Based on your wellbeing profile, review our recommended action plan designed just for you.


    Build your personal wellbeing practices by identifying small steps around daily wellbeing practices, self-discovery, and positive relationships.

    Clergy use referral code LILLY. Aid workers and health care professionals, use TRT.

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    The Future of Wellbeing

    Focusing on Heathcare Workers and Clergy

    During these unprecedented times, we hope that WorkWell app serves a greater purpose for those on the frontlines, specifically our healthcare workers and clergy members. In response to this, we have included several  COVID-19 care packages including a  spiritual-nourishment practice and a kit for families with small children. The app is free for clergy, health care workers, physicians, international aid workers, teachers, and other helping professionals.

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    WorkWell Voices

    We have hand-selected a cast of experts, each from their own unique field, to carefully craft and then guide each of our unique wellbeing practices. Voices span across disciplines, including clergy, poets, artists, scientists, vocational experts, and more. These inspiring industry leaders offer their advice on wellbeing from a scientific and/or faith-based perspective.

    Barbara Brown Taylor
    Kevin O'Brien
    Kathleen Cahalan
    Fr. James Martin
    Parker Palmer
    Coming Soon: Robert Franklin

    Sample Practices

    Interested in what WorkWell app has to offer you? Listen to a few samples here before downloading to get you started on your personal journey to improved wellbeing. If you’re enjoying what you are listening to, click below to download our WorkWell appfor free.

    Interested in what WorkWell App has to offer you?

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